If you are a fan of the Dark Deception project, you cannot miss a new adventure that was recently added to its chapter 5. This entertainment will take the player to the mysterious world. It consists of a whole network of scary labyrinths that he needs to pass. The aim is to find all parts of a mysterious ring. But this is going to be a challenge full of risks and dangers. Besides the main plotline, you are offered to play a fan game known as Chaotic Customer. It is just a short adventure you take in this series, but it will not allow you to relax even for a second. Your life is entirely in your hands. Move fast to have a chance to complete the task in time!

What is it about?

The events start right in the train! You are going somewhere by metro. Then the train stops and you get out on a strange station. The walls are full of weird graffiti. And as in previous chapters, you see shards scattered here and there. You proceed to a strange parking lot without lights. While you keep collecting shards, look for the possibility to fix the electricity. But suddenly, you will notice you are not alone here! Strange shadows can be seen moving around. These are dead mannequins that have the ability to move! You must attack and kill them before they reach you. Be careful not to get hit by a car – occasional cars will unexpectedly disappear in front of you. Keep exploring this strange parking site until you find all crystals. If you cope before the time runs out, you will find an element of the powerful ring. So activate your agility and let’s get started.

Make sure all shards are collected!

There are hundreds of crystals you must pick up to pass the level successfully. Luckily, you will have a special map that will show you all of them. And it will also count down the quantity of shards that need to be collected. Once you see a red crystal, grab it immediately. You will be able to reveal all the enemies on the location. But these will become visible for only a few seconds. Memorize their positions to successfully avoid them during the walkthrough. The mannequins seem to be slow and not very dangerous, but if they approach you close enough, the game will be over for you! So test your survival skills. Do not get upset if you have to make several efforts. Some training will only boost your memory and logic. Give it a try right now to get a memorable gaming experience.

Dark Deception Chaotic Customer

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