This psychological adventure will not leave anyone indifferent. You play for a hero who was trapped in a strange place. It is a weird maze that seems to be endless. The labyrinth is empty, with no windows or doors to be seen. There is no furniture – just strange objects can sometimes be noticed scattered around. So you must explore it and look for an exit. You start walking through a concession of identical rooms and corridors. Yellow wallpapers are moldy and stale, old bulbs hanging from the ceiling provide only dim light. How to get out from here?

Just don’t lose your sanity!

Even if this adventure will not offer you jumpscares, you will feel unbelievable fear crawling inside you. As you walk and walk, you will start doubt your sanity. It is obvious you are alone here, but why it seems that strange shadows are lurking around? Are these paranormal creatures? Or has your imagination created all of them? You will surely go insane if you do not change your tactics. Look around and start to interact with objects you meet. Some of them hide tips. Even pieces of paper on the floor may help you – these contain some message you need to decipher if you want to survive. There are several endings in this creepy adventure.


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