This game is full of the worst fears you can only imagine. So if you feel nothing can scare you to death, welcome to this terrible story. You will find yourself in a gloomy forest absolutely alone. But the place is more than dangerous – it is full of threats. And the biggest of them is Slendrina, a spirit that lives here with her family. The antagonist is very treacherous and kills everyone who dares to appear in her territory. Will you manage to be that lucky one who will survive? Let’s check how you react to emergencies.

Find clues to many secrets!

This silent forest keeps a lot of secrets. And your task is to find the truth behind them. In other words, you will have to solve enough puzzles to be able to cross this sinister location. However, Slendrina is not stupid at all. She has prepared a chain of trials and deadly traps that must help her capture you. So you are between two fires – endless obstacles that you need to overcome and an enemy following you on your heels. Think well how to navigate this successfully. You will need both courage and logic to cope with all the difficulties. And do not allow your fear to dictate you what to do – the solution is always around, you just need to find it!

Slendrina Must Die: The Forest

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