In this analog horror game, you are going to be the only character, but even though you will surely be scared to death. So let’s discover why this entertainment is so thrilling. You play for a security guard who has a really weird task. You need to monitor a house only though the screen. Moreover, the place you see on the screen seems to be empty. So what are you supposed to be looking for? You need to carefully monitor if nothing happens there – even the slightest change or unusual thing is to be reported.

Do not miss a single anomaly!

All these strange things you may spot are anomalies. And these are caused by paranormal entities. You will be able to observe several types of them. At first, you will face something minor – like displaced or vanished objects. But as you delve deeper into the night, you will be really frightened. You will notice some strange sounds and even shadows. These are alternates, evil creatures from the parallel universe that will acquire human shapes. They are scary and treacherous and you must report them without delay as they may easily reach through the screen! Make sure you survive till the morning. You will meet a lot of categories of alternates, do not miss any of them!

Alternate Watch

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