Welcome to the fifth installment of the epic adventure. It is Dark Deception, a cool challenge in the maze. If you are in pursuit of fresh thrills and horror experience, then this is a true finding for you. But the rules are strict and straightforward – you either win or die. The main plotline is still the same – you are taking a pulse-pounding trip through a deadly maze packed with evil creatures and jumpscares. Do you have enough courage to overcome all the trials that lie ahead? Then it is time to start this quest!

Dive into a new challenge!

The main plot remains roughly the same. The player gets into a fabulous world of Dark Deception. Here you need a strange woman who will give you clear instructions on what you need to do. In short, she will ask you to go through several portals and find all fragments of the powerful ring that had disappeared. The portals are represented by a network of complicated mazes. These are gloomy-looking and really treacherous. But the scariest thing is that they hide a lot of monsters. These ugly creatures are everywhere, and they will immediately start hunting after you when you step on their territory. You will have to be extremely shrewd to avoid a face-to-face meeting when moving along the labyrinth. At the same time, you must be sure you do not miss a single shard, otherwise your mission will be failed.

Make sure you survive!

You will only remain alive if you manage to collect all the shards. There will be a particular number of these elements you are supposed to pick up. They look like crystals with purple shining. No matter how terrible it may sound, shards are the remnants of those players who did not manage to successfully pass all the trials in Dark Deception. So click on these illuminating stones to get them. It will be quite thrilling to do it when your life is continuously at risk. In the fifth chapter, you will get access to new portals and absolutely unfamiliar mazes. Moreover, this time, new monsters are awaiting you. Note that they are AI-powered and new all your tricks from the previous chapters. Make sure you use a new strategy against your opponent to mislead your enemies. And do not miss to grab a red shard when you meet it – this special crystal will allow you to reveal the position of all monsters for 60 seconds. Use this advantage to run away from terrible antagonists. You will love the atmosphere full of risks and thrills.

Dark Deception Chapter 5

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