Not all horror games necessarily feature monsters and ugly characters. Some of them introduce quite friendly personages that are never associated with anything bad. This entertainment also starts as a cool adventure and slowly develops into a heart-thumping survival – an unforgettable gaming experience! So you will find old VHS tapes with the TV show about Amanda and her faithful friend Woolie. The girl seems restless and outgoing and the sheep looks a bit shy but he always follows the girls and accepts all her ideas. You will involuntarily teleport into the show to join the friends on all their adventures.

What’s wrong with Amanda?

Sometimes, you will notice that the girl strangely reacts when someone is not happy about her ideas or has a different opinion. Is that fine that she never takes into account her friend’s wishes? Her jokes and actions may be really one-sided. And is Woolie only shy or is he scared? At some moment, the sheep suddenly disappears, but this fact does not seem to disappoint the heroine. Instead, she focuses all her attention on you! Be careful, you never know what may happen if you refuse to agree with Amanda. It looks like she is not determined to tolerate it! Will you survive?

Amanda The Adventurer

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