What is your favorite game genre? If it is horror, you will surely like to discover a new project with lots of thrills. It is Five Nights at Fulps. The story will immediately remind you of the famous FNAF, the adventure in the pizzeria with animatronics. In this new plot, you will also play for a security guard that needs to work several night shifts in a new place. But this time, it is not a pizzeria but the Newgrounds office. Your task is the same – look after the building and ensure no one breaks in.

There are enough of creepy opponents around!

However, do not hope that you will peacefully sleep through the night. You will hear some noises first, and then make a shocking discovery! The place is not abandoned even when the night comes. So be ready to meet a handful of treacherous characters that will attack you if you meet them face-to-face. Who are these personages? These are Hank, Tankman, Pico and some others. They all are unique and will use different methods to reach you. So study well their behavior to know how to fend off their attacks. Be careful, as the opponent will appear literally from nowhere. You can only check their movements through the surveillance cameras that are installed across the place.

Five Nights At Fulp’s

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