If you love various water adventures, we offer you a really exciting project – Subnautica. All events unfold in an underwater world on an alien planet. And your task is to survive in this weird environment. You play for a character that managed to survive after a massive crash of the space vehicle. Now you need to further fight for you live in this hostile underwater world. It will be a real challenge as it is full of dangerous creatures! But you still need to explore the depth of this ocean if you want to remain alive!

Build new transport

The hero will need to scan the surrounding to find some spare parts of his future vehicle. Once you have enough of them, you will unlock drawing that you should follow to create your transport. Besides, you will need to arrange some temporary shelter for your living – you will also need to collect enough items for it. To keep your character alive, you must provide him with enough food, water and oxygen. These are three parameters that you need to continuously control. You will dive into cool adventures and need to complete a lot of tasks. But it will be extremely difficult as this mysterious world is full of dangerous creatures that may kill you in a blink of an eye. So be very careful when you move around.


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