Mysteries of Banban kindergarten are not over. This is the third chapter of the exciting horror series. You may already know a little about this terrible place. The legend says that some kids disappeared from here a few years ago. Now you need to return here and find out how exactly it happened. No one could dig out the truth till now. And you were chosen to refresh the investigation. So your main task is to explore the place again and find some new evidence. Are you ok to accept this challenge and find out what stands behind the terrible event of the past?

You will need luck and courage!

Despite the place looks abandoned, it is not so. The hero will understand that something is wrong as soon as he steps inside. This time, you will be exploring a new area that was hidden in the previous game episodes. And it contains even more terrible secrets and traps. You will need to be extremely inventive to overcome all these trials. Luckily, you will have a little drone at hand that will enable you to reach even the distant corners. And note you are continuously being watched! The place is not empty – kindergarten mascots are alive and following you. And not all of them are friendly! Take care!

Garten Of Banban 3

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