Are you ready to test your survival skills? Then Dark Deception is a perfect project for it. This time, you will enjoy this cool game in a multiplayer mode. It is only a spin-off of the original story, so the plot and all tasks roughly remain the same. You will play in a team of friends where you choose either the role of monsters or mortals. This special edition is designed for four players. Do you have friends to have fun together? Then invite them to have some fun!

Choose your role!

There are two options here – you can play for either a monster or a mortal in this adventure. Actually you can choose any of the personages you have seen in the previous chapters of Dark Deception. Now you will find yourself in a tricky maze where monsters and mortals will fight against each other. Usually a team consists of three mortals and one monster. The task of three players is to collect all the shards across the maze and avoid the enemy. And the monster will be hunting after them all. It is not only the fight between them but also a whole range of obstacles and trials the users need to overcome as they move around the place. Each maze is unique and you can hardly predict what awaits you behind the next corner.

Organize epic battles!

There are several modes in multiplayer version of this entertainment. In one of them, mortals will unite their forces to fight against the monster. But in the other, they will all play for themselves. They will have to individually collect shards and may even steal these from each other by killing the opponent. In yet another mode, all mortals will have to play against Malak, the main demon of Dark Deception. This time, the enemy wants to possess mortals’ souls. And only one player will remain alive in the end of this fierce confrontation. Choose your preferred option and plunge into this cool adventure. You will need to make endless decisions on the go if you want to survive!

Dark Deception Multiplayer

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