If you are a fan of horror adventure, we have a must-to-play game for you. It is Super Dark Deception, inspired by the Dark Deception project and somewhat simplified. You are locked in a maze. And what is really frightening, you are not alone here. A terrible monster will try to catch you. It is obvious that you will say goodbye to your life once your opponent can reach you. So you must run even if the fear paralyzes your moves. It is the only way to survive.

How many bosses will you manage to escape?

Each level is a scary trap. You must activate your logical thinking to find an exit from this terrible place. You will run for your life, and you do not have time to ponder. On each level, you will meet a new nightmarish creature. But evil monsters are not your only danger. The maze is overloaded with all sorts of traps and obstacles that you must overcome on the go. Watch out your every step as the incorrect move may give a chance to your enemies to catch you faster. All horrendous creatures are powered by AI. So you should never stick to one and the same tactics as the algorithm will immediately predict your behavior. Note that each level is different! Remain smart and move on – you must survive at any cost!

Super Dark Deception

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