Survival games always gather huge audience. And they are especially exciting when they come with the elements of horror. If you are in the mood for such a challenge, then you should definitely play FNAF. It is a thrilling series where you endlessly fight for your life. So what is the story about? You start in the pizzeria where you have agreed to work as a night guard. The place is extremely popular thanks to animated toys that entertain the visitors. But nobody has warned you about one tricky detail – animatronics come to life at night!

Monsters are everywhere!

Lovely toys which you met in the pizzeria just a few hours ago have turned into bloodthirsty creatures. They are moving freely across the place, looking for a new victim. You definitely do not want to become the name on their track record. So you must develop a strategy to survive. You have a tiny office equipped with a screen that broadcasts the records of surveillance cameras. When you notice any of the enemies are close to your door – activate an auto lock. Do not allow them to get in and make sure you wisely use your electricity supply. You must survive by all means! When the morning comes, the toys again return to their old friendly roles.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

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