What can be more exciting than a horror adventure that you can share with your friends in real time? Today, you are offered to enjoy multiplayer mode of the famous Dark Deception. You may already know that this is a deadly run in the maze full of terrible monsters and tricky traps. Let’s try the game in a bit new version. Now you will play not against a computer but live users. So let’s find out how the game is arranged this time and what you need to do. First of all, you must select your role. You can become either a monster or a mortal. If you choose to be a mortal, you must collect shards to survive and run away from the enemies. And if you are monster, your role is clear – you must kill all mortals!

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This game version offers several modes. All of them are worth attention. You can join your forces with other players to fight monsters together. In this case your team must collect all the shards and run away from the enemy. In the other mode, all mortals will play against each other. In addition, they will also need to avoid being caught by the monster. In this modification, all participants are enemies, and they may even kill each other for shards. The player who manages to collect more shards is the winner. And the scariest version is when players confront Malak, the main antagonist of this universe. If you lose this fight, you are also turned into a creepy monster. So select the most attractive variant and enjoy it to the fullest.

Dark Deception Monsters And Mortals

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