Do you like chills you can experience when going through a horror adventure? Just imagine the feeling when you are running across gloomy corridors with someone terrible literally following you on your heels, trying to catch and kill you. The only thought of such a situation can make your heart beat faster and louder, right? If you have not yet gotten scared to death, we invite you to gain exactly the same experience in Dark Deception Chapter 4.

Is there a new plot twist?

It is the forth episode of the popular horror series. The first thing to warn you about is that this is the creepiest part of them all. It will present new environments – players will be able to explore three new portals that are believed to be much more challenging. The chapter starts as all previous ones – you meet a female. She is your guide in the game and will explain you how many shards you are still to collect. Then she will open the door to the next portal and you will find yourself in Hospital. You will confront Reaper Nurses here. Try to stay at a safe distance from their syringes. You will have to move as silently as possible as these personages are attracted by the sound. Collect all shards here and move to the next portal – it is Mascot Mayhem. Here you will have to face new opponents who will try to reach you while you are collection the next portion of shards. The walkthrough is quite long, and you will need to avoid lots of different obstacles before you are admitted to the Bearly Buried location, a new location you must also explore. You will also meet an evil demon. It is Malak, the main antagonists of Dark Deception.

Will you collect all the shards?

These little crystals are your main target in this entertainment. There are hundreds of them around, and you should collect them all. They are illuminating purple color. What do these stones symbolize? These are actually remnants of those who tried to complete this mission before you. But they failed and could not collect all pieces of the magic ring. Now you are the one who will try to succeed. Sometimes you will also come across orange and red shards. They should not be neglected as they come with special features. The first ones will show you where the enemies are concentrated, and the latter ones will allow you to stun them for several seconds. Once you collect all shards on one location, all your opponents become literally mad, so you should run away as soon as possible to the next portal. Good luck in this exciting challenge!

Dark Deception Chapter 4

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